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The Liceo Copernico High School was founded in 1984. Currently, it consists of more than 1500 students who are educated to become skilled and creative problem solvers and critical thinkers. They learn to collaborate efficiently and to transform ideas into actions, in order to create their own future and succeed in the world of tomorrow. They are always at the centre of the school activity as a single person, as a member of a community and as an individual.


In order to comply with such goals, the school promotes digital teaching: each classroom is equipped with a projector, which can be connected to the students' and teachers' netbooks. Moreover, all students and their parents have access to the school portal, which also contains digital resources uploaded by the teachers; notices to families and to students are sent using the school Gmail accounts.


The Liceo Copernico guarantees the individual freedom of expression according to the cultural and religious pluralism as established by the Italian Constitution.

The school answers the implicit and explicit needs of the students, of their families and of the territory, encouraging the participation to cultural, social and sports activities, promoted by the local societies, the Universities and the cultural associations, as well as by the voluntary ones.


In addition to the traditional courses, the School offers specific curriculums to further develop the scientific and linguistic skills in particular:


  • SCIENTIFIC ENRICHMENT (Maths, Physics, Science, IT)

  • BILINGUAL ENRICHMENT: German/English; French/English (allowing the achievement of ESABAC); Italian/English to achieve the American Diploma. 



Prof.  Ms. C. Gabri Ilsøe   Prof. Ms. K. Rena

Students: J. Baiguera, L. Belpietro, 

M. Bonezzi, G. Cimino, G. Cotelli, F. Fabretti, S. Goffi, V. Imperadori, N. Scala.

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